Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 25 (1910 - 1915)


Lt 20, 1912

Rossiter, F. M.

St. Helena, California

May 14, 1912

Portions of this letter are published in 11MR 22.

Dr. F. M. Rossiter
North Yakima

Dear Brother Rossiter:

I have read and re-read your letter of March 17. I cannot write much to you today, because I am not very well. But I will write you a short letter. 25LtMs, Lt 20, 1912, par. 1

My message to you is, Do not be discouraged. Study diligently in the Bible regarding the duty of husbands and wives to one another. Also strive to bring up your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. During the last year my mind has been much upon the duties of parents to their children. There is a great work to be done by parents to win their children to a love of the truth. 25LtMs, Lt 20, 1912, par. 2

Just now, what strength I have is given mostly to bringing out in book form what I have written in past years on the Old Testament history from the time of Solomon to the time of Christ. Last year the Acts of the Apostles was put in print and is being widely circulated; and now we are making good progress with this Old Testament history. We are advancing as fast as possible. 25LtMs, Lt 20, 1912, par. 3

I have faithful and conscientious helpers who are gathering together what I have written for the Review, Signs, and Watchman, and in manuscripts and letters, and arranging it in chapters for the book. Sometimes I examine several chapters in a day, and at other times I can read but little, because my eyes become weary, and I am dizzy. The chapters that I have been reading recently are very precious. 25LtMs, Lt 20, 1912, par. 4

When the book is printed, I will endeavor to remember to send you a copy. 25LtMs, Lt 20, 1912, par. 5

And now I must close, for I dare not tax my eyes to write more. In closing I say again, Do not be discouraged. 25LtMs, Lt 20, 1912, par. 6