Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 19 (1904)


Ms 10, 1904

Instruction Regarding the Medical Missionary Work


January 29, 1904 [typed]

This manuscript is published in entirety in BCL 103-105. +Note

It is not safe to trust in Dr. Kellogg. I dare not do it. I have not written him much, recently, but I may have to send something soon. I have not the least confidence in his present attitude toward many things. I learn that notwithstanding all I have written regarding The Living Temple, a book that was written under the inspiration of the arch-deceiver; notwithstanding the many plain messages that I have delivered in the Review and Herald and in letters to our brethren in responsibility, Dr. Kellogg now admits only a few of the mistakes he has made and still supposes that in former years I taught the same errors. This reveals a blindness beyond conception. All that I can now do is to watch developments closely. I cannot see that it would do the least particle of good to say more than I have said. 19LtMs, Ms 10, 1904, par. 1

From the first, I have met this matter firmly, without the slightest hesitancy. The sentiments advocated in Living Temple make this book a dangerous production; for in the book is taught an insinuating, deceptive science of satanic origin. The articles from my pen that have been published in the Review have, I understand, hurt terribly the feelings of some; but I intend to protest decidedly against the many deceptions that are coming in to lead souls astray. 19LtMs, Ms 10, 1904, par. 2

Some of the Doctor’s associates look upon these articles as an abuse of him; nevertheless, I am as clear as the day in the conviction that the sentiments expressed in Living Temple should not go out to the people. 19LtMs, Ms 10, 1904, par. 3

An effort has just been made to sell over three thousand copies of the original edition still on hand. Only a few revisions were made by cutting out leaves and inserting others. If we should keep silent a little while, things might develop further. I have done my duty. Months ago I entrusted Elder A. T. Jones with several communications to read to the physicians and helpers at the Battle Creek Sanitarium; but I fear that he is leavened with the spirit that controls the Doctor. 19LtMs, Ms 10, 1904, par. 4

The Doctor thinks that we desire to “wipe him off the slate;” on the other hand, Elder Daniells and others whose eyes are open suppose that in some way I am favoring Dr. Kellogg or have changed my attitude toward him. But I am constantly on guard. The Doctor does things that we know nothing about now, but which may compel me to bear still more decided testimonies against his persistent efforts to weave into his teachings this fascinating, spiritualistic science of satanic origin. I must not let any one suppose that these delusive, misleading sentiments are for a moment entertained by me. 19LtMs, Ms 10, 1904, par. 5

During the labors of my youth, in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and in Canada, I met these same spiritualistic sentiments decidedly. The power of God would rest upon me during the meetings held; and while I was bearing my testimony, some in the congregation would fall helpless to the floor—unable to rise for a time—thus silently testifying to the power of God. 19LtMs, Ms 10, 1904, par. 6

As soon as I read The Living Temple, I discerned the dangerous tendency of its teachings. I wrote out some very straight testimonies for the brethren assembled at the Fall Council held in Washington in 1903. Copies have been sent to some of the leading brethren. As these messages were read, all opposition seemed to be cut down. Dr. Kellogg, Dr. Paulson, and other physicians were with the ministers at this Council, and they all acknowledged that the testimonies were clear and convincing. They wrote us that at times the Holy Spirit would rest with great power upon the entire assembly. 19LtMs, Ms 10, 1904, par. 7

The burden I have carried has been a heavy one. For nearly two months I rarely slept any after twelve o’clock; for two months afterward I was unable to sleep later than one o’clock. I would arise and write out most important messages. 19LtMs, Ms 10, 1904, par. 8

During the Washington Council meeting, Dr. Kellogg surrendered, and yet his spiritual discernment still seems beclouded. I speak plainly now: I have not spoken before, because of my hope that he would go to the root of these difficulties. But he has not done thorough work, and he gives evidence of great spiritual blindness; therefore I feel free to write as I have written, in order that my brethren may understand that Sister White is still under the supervision of God and will not be led astray by any deceptive influence—not even by Dr. Kellogg. I have suffered intensely. The Doctor feels that we are pressing him to the wall; but I can not do otherwise than that which I have done. I am now awaiting developments. 19LtMs, Ms 10, 1904, par. 9

At the Oakland General Conference I could not explain fully why I was to have no conversation with Dr. Kellogg. It was because satanic agencies were communicating with him, and much that I might have said would have been misstated and misinterpreted. 19LtMs, Ms 10, 1904, par. 10

This is also the reason why, for a time, I could not send letters directly to him. 19LtMs, Ms 10, 1904, par. 11

Dr. Kellogg is still in the mists of error—befogged. He says that he cannot see as we do regarding the dangerous tendencies of his theories concerning God. He seems to be very much grieved because I have lost confidence in him. I have much, very much, that I could produce on these matters; and I may have to publish much of it. But if I could, in some way, lead the Doctor to go to the bottom—which he must do before he can rise to the top—I should praise the Lord with heart, and soul, and voice. At present he is merely skimming the surface, and my soul is still heavily burdened. 19LtMs, Ms 10, 1904, par. 12