The Review and Herald


December 12, 1878

Sabbath-School Work

[Remarks made before the Sabbath-school held in connection with the camp-meeting at Battle Creek, Mich., October 2-14, 1878.]


I am deeply interested in the Sabbath-school work, and have a great desire to see it prosper. The Sabbath-school is the place where we learn of God and Christ, and learn to study the Holy Bible. If we would develop Christian characters, we must study the character of Christ, that we may come into full union with Him. RH December 12, 1878, par. 1

It is true greatness, it is nobility of soul and meekness and lowliness of heart, which will bring us into such a position before God that we can receive the finishing touch of immortality, and be translated as was Enoch. But I am afraid many do not appreciate the help which the Sabbath-school may be in obtaining these qualities. RH December 12, 1878, par. 2

Fathers and mothers should so exalt the privileges of the Sabbath-school as to take time to see that their children learn their lessons perfectly every Sabbath. They should even take more interest in having these well learned than in having their lessons in the day school properly prepared. In many places this matter is too much neglected. The teachers simply read over the lesson, and when they come to the Sabbath-school, allow their pupils to read the answers either from the Bible or lesson paper. This course should never be taken. Every lesson should be thoroughly committed to memory by both teacher and scholar, so that it will be of some benefit to them in after life. RH December 12, 1878, par. 3

Fathers and mothers, teachers and students, should make the most of these God-given opportunities; for in eternity we shall see that the Sabbath-school has been a great instrumentality in the conversion of souls, and in keeping the young from the evils and temptations that exist all around them. RH December 12, 1878, par. 4

We must seek to become acquainted with God; we must study to understand the Scriptures. Says the Majesty of Heaven, the King of Glory, “Search the Scriptures, for in them ye think ye have eternal life; and they are they which testify of me.” RH December 12, 1878, par. 5

Many spend much precious time in reading story books. These are entertaining no doubt; but there are very few of them that give any information which will help us to perfect a righteous character, one that will enable us to enjoy that life in the kingdom of God which runs parallel with the life of Jehovah. The time spent in light reading, if devoted to the study of the Sabbath-school lesson, would be of infinitely greater benefit to the mind. RH December 12, 1878, par. 6

A more interesting history than the Bible was never given to the world; and the more we search it, the better we are prepared to appreciate its excellences. It is the privilege of every one of us to know for ourselves that we are following out its instructions. And it is the privilege of each one of us to ask God for his Holy Spirit, for wisdom, for grace, and for moral worth, that we may have a good understanding. If all did this, they would be better prepared to work for themselves and to benefit society; and the knowledge and experience thus gained could be carried over into the new earth. RH December 12, 1878, par. 7

Now is the time to become acquainted with the Scriptures, to learn how to perfect a Christian character, to be preparing for Heaven by having a close connection with God, that at last we may be crowned with everlasting salvation in the kingdom of God. RH December 12, 1878, par. 8