Gospel Workers (1915 ed.)


Preaching for Children

At every suitable opportunity let the story of Jesus’ love be repeated to the children. In every sermon let a little corner be left for their benefit. The servant of Christ may make lasting friends of these little ones. Then let him lose no opportunity of helping them to become more intelligent in a knowledge of the Scriptures. This will do more than we realize to bar the way against Satan's devices. If children early become familiar with the truths of God's word, a barrier against ungodliness will be erected, and they will be able to meet the foe with the words, “It is written.” GW 208.2

Those who give instruction to children and youth should avoid tedious remarks. Short talks, right to the point, will have a happy influence. If there is much to be said, make up for brevity by frequency. A few interesting remarks, every now and then, will be more helpful than to give all the instruction at once. Long speeches tire the minds of the young. Too much talk will lead them even to loathe spiritual instruction, just as overeating burdens the stomach and lessens the appetite, leading to a loathing for food. Our instruction to the church, and especially to the youth, should be given line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little. Children must be drawn toward heaven, not harshly, but very gently. GW 208.3