General Conference Bulletin, vol. 3




1. That the true object of our Sabbath-schools should be kept before them, namely, the study of the word of God as a means of spiritual growth to believers, and the salvation of the unconverted. GCB January 1, 1899, page 4.21

2. That Sabbath-school conventions and weekly teachers’ meetings be held as material aids to successful Sabbath-school work. GCB January 1, 1899, page 4.22

3. That great care be taken in the selection of officers and teachers, lest the standard be lowered, and their influence for good destroyed; and to safeguard this, that the counsel of the church-elder or elders be sought, and the closest union cultivated between the church and the Sabbath-school. GCB January 1, 1899, page 4.23

4. That the entire amount of the Sabbath-school donations on the first Sabbath in April and the first Sabbath in October, be set apart, without tithing, for the maintenance of the Haskell Home; and that the collection be turned over by the Sabbath-school secretary to the church librarian (if there be such an officer), the money then to be sent direct to the secretary of the State tract society, who in turn shall send it to the Haskell Memorial Home, thus relieving the International Sabbath-school Association from any responsibility in connection with these offerings. GCB January 1, 1899, page 4.24

5. That the Sabbath-schools in the fields outside the General Conference of North America retain their donations in their own fields to be used under the direction of those in charge of the field in which they are located. GCB January 1, 1899, page 4.25

6. That the Sabbath-school secretaries in those fields report on blanks prepared for the purpose, that the International Sabbath-school Association may have the Sabbath-school statistics for the entire field. GCB January 1, 1899, page 4.26