The Review and Herald


July 17, 1894

Who Are Partners With Christ?


I would have you all realize that each one of us is responsible for making the best use of our time, for improving our opportunities to their utmost, and for being helpful in every way possible, that we may be laborers together with God. How much we lose by shirking responsibilities! What makes the blacksmith's arm so strong?—It is wielding the heavy sledge. It is by exercise that the muscles become strong. All who have enlisted under the banner of Jesus Christ are reckoned as soldiers of the cross of Christ. They have a part to act in the daily warfare against sin and Satan, against unrighteousness and selfishness. RH July 17, 1894, par. 1

Selfishness and slothfulness creep upon us before we are aware, and we are led to forget that we individually have a part to act as Christ's true-hearted soldiers in obeying every order of the Captain of our salvation. We may daily receive aid and comfort in the warfare in which we are called to engage. But many are in a sleepy spiritual condition, and do not realize that they have a part to act in the work of the Lord. While some have been privileged to eat of the bread of life and drink of the living waters, others have been pressed with the responsibility of considering weighty questions that involve the progress and prosperity of the cause. This is no trifling matter, and this heavy burden of responsibility should not be left to be borne by a few workers, while others feel no burden upon them except to criticise the plans devised. What is the part that you who claim to believe the truth should act in reference to those who carry the burden of the work?—It is your part to hold up the hands of the burden-bearers, as Aaron and Hur held up the hands of Moses. RH July 17, 1894, par. 2

The weaknesses of humanity are upon us all, and no one is able to lay hold of the great responsibilities of the Lord's work unless he is sustained by divine power. Without wisdom from God, grave mistakes will be made that will greatly retard the progress of the work. It is the duty of those who believe the truth most earnestly to seek the Lord in prayer for those who are called to fill important positions of trust, that those engaged in committees and councils may be greatly blessed of God; that they may have unity of thought in arriving at the best methods of pushing on the work, and may secure the co-operation of all in carrying out the plans that have been devised to build up the cause of God. RH July 17, 1894, par. 3

The question with each one of those who have received the message for this time should be, What can I individually do to advance the truth? Ask God to open the way, that you may have a share in the work that Jesus is doing, and labor with him for the salvation of perishing souls. Let the people pray for the men whom their votes place in office. Let them ask God to grant them wisdom from heaven, in order that they may do their duties wisely and well, and be enabled to plan with that wisdom God has promised to give to those that ask him for wisdom. The Lord Jesus came to the world in order to represent to his workers the spirit that should actuate them, and the best methods whereby they should do his work. RH July 17, 1894, par. 4

We are in a world where temptation to evil is on every hand. Satan is ruler in his kingdom of darkness. In the world are oppression, want, hunger, and woe. The street children, who are pinched with hunger, shivering with cold, and neglected, have a most pitiful history. Many in our world know nothing save hard work and poverty; and yet this class is not the most unhappy. The greatest unhappiness exists among those who are supposed to have every want supplied, but who are living useless, selfish lives, whose souls are stained with sin. Because of their circumstances it is often hard to reach them. Through selfishness, through the vanity of riches, the higher, nobler qualities of the soul have been paralyzed, and they have become calloused and hardened to the woe and wretchedness of the world, and their sinful indifference testifies that they are not laborers together with God, not junior partners with Christ in his great enterprise of redeeming a lost race from wretchedness and despair. RH July 17, 1894, par. 5

God has given to men the privilege of becoming instrumentalities in co-operation with divine agencies in the work of redeeming the lost from oppression, degradation, and sin. He will accept warm hearts and willing hands to be laborers together with himself. Men, women, and children are wanted to enlist in this army of Christian endeavor. The Lord calls for soldiers who will not fail nor be discouraged; but who will accept the work with all its disagreeable features. He would have us all take Christ for our pattern. RH July 17, 1894, par. 6

Jesus calls for rich and poor to unite in service together. What a transformation of character would be seen upon those who have lived simply to please themselves, were their hearts touched with the love of Christ! What a change would be wrought in the life and actions of the wealthy who have consulted but their own ease, should they feel the power of redeeming love! They would then minister to those who need their help. They would then see the necessity of helping the youth to obtain an education, so that they might be fitted to go forth and labor for those who are near and those who are far off. But the selfish, pampered, spoiled children of fashion are miserably unhappy. Their lives are unsatisfactory, because they are depressed with a sense of their uselessness. Had it been their lot to be poor, and to be under the necessity of earning their own livelihood, they would have been far happier. God has given to rich and poor a work to do in blessing others. RH July 17, 1894, par. 7

After the fall of man, it cost our heavenly Father an infinite price to provide a way to prevent the defaced image of God in man being wholly obliterated, and to provide for the restoration of that image in the soul. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Then will you neglect your God-given capabilities? Will you fail to improve upon the talents that have been bestowed upon you by Heaven? Will you lightly regard the advantages of another trial, another probation, in which it is to be decided whether or not you will have eternal life? Will you trample under foot the great privileges that have been secured to you at infinite cost? RH July 17, 1894, par. 8

You will meet with strong temptations that will solicit your feet to take a downward course; but there are also the strongest inducements set forth to inspire you to be strong, and to quit you like men. It is not in the parade that soldiers are inured to the battle-field. Men of value are those who have encountered and overcome difficulties. Let no one think to attain to high position, to possess estimable traits of character, without making daily, upward progress. To reach the high standard that is placed before you, will call for the taxation of the highest powers, and will require persevering, untiring energy. RH July 17, 1894, par. 9