Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 25 (1910 - 1915)



Ms 2, 1913

Statement Regarding W. C. Wales



This manuscript is published in entirety in TSB 233-235.

(Statement by Mrs. E. G. White, after reading letter from Elder Miller, regarding W. C. Wales’ acting as elder of the Birmingham church.) 25LtMs, Ms 2, 1913, par. 1

I do not think any such questions as that ought to be placed before me. I do not think it is my work to deal with any such things, unless the case has been plainly opened before me. There should be brethren in the church who have wisdom, who can speak decidedly regarding this case. I cannot understand such things. I do not believe that God wants me to take any such burden upon me. If they cannot settle such things among themselves by prayer and fasting, then let them continue fasting and prayer till they can. 25LtMs, Ms 2, 1913, par. 2

Such things will arise. It will come—that is, they will have these difficult questions, and they have got to learn how to treat them. They have got to have an experience. They must bring these things to the Lord and believe the Lord will hear their prayer and give them a sound experience in all these things, but they are not to bring them to me. 25LtMs, Ms 2, 1913, par. 3

(Then Elder W. C. White read a portion of Elder C. F McVagh’s letter of August 15, 1911, after which Sister White said:) 25LtMs, Ms 2, 1913, par. 4

I have had no particular light in regard to his case, therefore I dare not speak positively in regard to it. 25LtMs, Ms 2, 1913, par. 5

It rests with him to show the evidence that God accepts him, and to give that evidence so that our brethren can have something tangible to build upon. Let them say, We will give you a chance. We will see whether God accepts your labors or not. 25LtMs, Ms 2, 1913, par. 6

But it is not wise for me to take the responsibility of this case. I cannot take the least responsibility. Those who see his action day by day should know whether he has proved himself, whether God accepts him. 25LtMs, Ms 2, 1913, par. 7

(After reading the letter of W. C. Wales, written January 13, 1913, Sister White said:) 25LtMs, Ms 2, 1913, par. 8

I cannot take responsibility in such matters. The burden of doing so is too great. Let those appointed of God to bear the responsibility deal with it in accordance with Christian principles. 25LtMs, Ms 2, 1913, par. 9