Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work


Duty to Labor for Others

Let every true worker be grateful to God that he is honored in having an opportunity of working for the Master. Watch for opportunities to do good, and improve the talents God has given you, seeking grace daily that you may succeed in doing good. The lost opportunities for doing good in the past may well humble you to the dust, and lead you to watch carefully lest you should let slip opportunities of being a blessing to others. How many times the hour has come with its work, but the worker was not at his post of duty! Words might have been said to help and strengthen weak souls struggling under temptation, but they were never spoken. Well-directed personal efforts might have been put forth, and have saved a soul from death, and hid a multitude of sins, but there was no one to make the effort. The negligent ones will have to meet their neglect in the day of God. Most precious is the blood of Christ, which cleanses from all sin. A sense of the redeeming love of Christ should lead us to embrace every opportunity of doing good. These moments are exceedingly precious if improved to the glory of God. Those who are in pursuit of earthly riches are watching constantly and sharply their opportunities of gaining their desired object; and workers for Christ should be no less earnest in winning souls to Him. They may be colaborers with Christ if they, by imitating Christ's example, do good to all brought within the sphere of their influence. For Christ's sake let the teachers and the leading workers in your Sabbath-school be men and women who love and fear God; men and women who realize the responsibility of their position, as those who are watching for souls and must render an account to God for the influence they exert over those under their charge. TSS 27.1

We must have an increase of faith, else we can not be renewed in the divine image, and love and obey the requirements of God. Let the prayer go forth from unfeigned lips, “Lord, increase my faith; give me divine enlightenment; for without help from thee I can do nothing.” Come in humility and bow before God; open before the Lord your Bibles, containing the divine promises; take your position upon them; make a covenant with God that you will answer His requirements; tell Him you will believe, without any other evidence except the naked promise. This is not presumption; but unless you work with zeal, unless you are earnest and determined, Satan will obtain the advantage, and you will be left in unbelief and darkness. The words and promises of God are the only foundation of our faith. Take the Word of God as truth, as a living, speaking voice to you, and obey faithfully every requirement. God is faithful, who hath promised. He will work with the efforts of superintendents and teachers. Our blessings are limited by the weakness of our faith. God is not unwilling to bestow; He is a reservoir of power. We must cherish meekness and lowliness of heart. We may have rich evidences of His love and mercy daily in our self-denying efforts to do others good. I entreat the workers in our Sabbath-schools to put on the whole armor of God, and, as faithful soldiers of Jesus Christ, show their fidelity. God will reward every word that is done to His glory.—Sabbath-School Worker, April 1, 1886. TSS 28.1