Pacific Union Recorder, vol. 1

May 22, 1902

“California Conference. The Petaluma Camp-meeting” Pacific Union Recorder, 1, 21, p. 16.


We wish to call attention especially to the camp-meeting to be held in Petaluma June 5 to 15. We are doing, and shall do, all that we possibly can to make this camp-meeting the very best. It shall be the best that we can possibly make it, whether it be attended by many or few, but as certainly as it shall be such a meeting you do not want to miss it, and we do not want you to miss it. PUR May 22, 1902, page 16.1

In my report sent to you two months ago, I called attention to the impossibility of my visiting every church in the conference, and therefore must depend on local camp-meetings and general meetings to meet all the people. This coming meeting at Petaluma is intended to be the general meeting for our people in Sonoma Valley, Napa Valley, San Francisco, and Oakland, and the whole bay district. PUR May 22, 1902, page 16.2

I very much desire that all our people in these regions shall come to the Petaluma meeting. I want to meet you all. There is much to tell you concerning our work in this conference and in others parts of the world. I want you to know all about the condition, the workings, and the prosperity of the Healdsburg College and the church-schools,—Christian education in the conference,—and I want you to know all about the condition, workings, and prosperity of the St. Helena Sanitarium, of the branch sanitariums, and the health-food enterprise,—medical missionary work. PUR May 22, 1902, page 16.3

These great subjects of Christian education and medical missionary work will be studied in the course of the meeting, in addition to the all-important matters of practical Christian experience in the daily life. PUR May 22, 1902, page 16.4

Please come. This work in California is your work. This cause in California is your cause. Please come and let us consider it together before God, that we may know how best to do it. The Lord is putting into His cause new life and power. You want this new life and power in you. Come to this camp-meeting, where we can seek God together, and all together can know what are the leadings of God in His great work just now. Do not let anything keep you away all the time. If you can not possibly be present all the time, let nothing prevent you from being there over one of the two Sabbaths of this meeting. PUR May 22, 1902, page 16.5

I hope to see you all at the camp-meeting in Petaluma. PUR May 22, 1902, page 16.6

Alonzo T. Jones. PUR May 22, 1902, page 16.7