SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 4 (EGW)


Chapter 5

5-9. Presence of Unseen Guest Felt—A Watcher, who was unrecognized, but whose presence was a power of condemnation, looked on this scene of profanation. Soon the unseen and uninvited Guest made His presence felt. At the moment when the sacrilegious revelry was at its height, a bloodless hand came forth, and wrote words of doom on the wall of the banqueting hall. Burning words followed the movements of the hand. “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin,” was written in letters of flame. Few were the characters traced by that hand on the wall facing the king, but they showed that the power of God was there. 4BC 1170.7

Belshazzar was afraid. His conscience was awakened. The fear and suspicion that always follow the course of the guilty seized him. When God makes men fear, they cannot hide the intensity of their terror. Alarm seized the great men of the kingdom. Their blasphemous disrespect of sacred things was changed in a moment. A frantic terror overcame all self-control.... 4BC 1170.8

In vain the king tried to read the burning letters. He had found a power too strong for him. He could not read the writing (The Youth's Instructor, May 19, 1898). 4BC 1171.1

27. See EGW on Proverbs 16:2, Vol. 3, p. 1160. 4BC 1171.2