The Review and Herald


February 16, 1905

A Call For Active Work


The following extracts from a communication from Sister White, under date of January 16, 1905, addressed to some of our workers in Washington, are both instructive and encouraging: RH February 16, 1905, Art. A, par. 1

“Now is our time to press to the front in Washington. A decided testimony must be borne to the people in the national capital, and this work must not rest upon a few. RH February 16, 1905, Art. A, par. 2

“A most important work is to be done in Washington, and I inquire whether you do not need the help of those who in years past have stood prominently for religious liberty. RH February 16, 1905, Art. A, par. 3

“As we work with all our might, our trust must be in God. Sooner or later Sunday laws will be passed. But there is much for God's servants to do to warn the people. This work has been greatly retarded by their having to wait and stand against the devisings of Satan, which have been striving to find a place in our work. We are years behind. RH February 16, 1905, Art. A, par. 4

“God's law is to be vindicated, by the obedience of heart and mind, and by strong arguments. RH February 16, 1905, Art. A, par. 5

“For a long time I have carried a heavy burden regarding the work to be done in Washington. Not one in a thousand of the people there knows what the Bible says about the Sabbath. The instruction given me is that the ten commandments should be printed in plain letters in a prominent place in the Review. Had these commandments been obeyed, the wickedness now seen in our world would never have existed. RH February 16, 1905, Art. A, par. 6

“The time has come when the liberty of the church of Christ is endangered. Let it be a time also when true missionary work shall be done, in public ministry and in house-to-house labor. The oppression of Christ's church would apparently be a great victory for the side of transgressors of the Sabbath, and would cause rejoicing among evil-doers. But nothing should discourage us. God has victory for his people. Let sanctified ability be brought into the work of proclaiming the truth for this time. If the forces of the enemy gain the victory now, it will be because the churches have neglected their God-given work. RH February 16, 1905, Art. A, par. 7

“When all our ministers and physicians come into line, taking their stand under the blood-stained banner of Prince Emmanuel, we shall see an army of men and women going forth to work for Christ, speaking the word with holy boldness and power. RH February 16, 1905, Art. A, par. 8

“Remind our people often of the work that may be done by the sale of our books and the distribution of tracts. Encourage them to sell the periodicals containing the message for this time. Our large books can be sold in Washington and other cities in the East, if the canvassers will take up the work courageously. RH February 16, 1905, Art. A, par. 9

“Instruction has been given me that the important books containing the light that God has given regarding Satan's apostasy in heaven should be given a wide circulation just now; for through them the truth will reach many minds. ‘Patriarchs and Prophets,’ ‘Daniel and the Revelation,’ and ‘Great Controversy’ are needed now as never before. They should be widely circulated because the truths they emphasize will open many blind eyes. RH February 16, 1905, Art. A, par. 10

“When ‘Patriarchs and Prophets’ was first issued, it was neglected for a book easy to sell and more profitable to the publishers. Many of our people have been blind to the importance of the very books that were most needed. Had tact and skill then been shown in the sale of these books, the Sunday law movement would not be where it is today. RH February 16, 1905, Art. A, par. 11

“I am glad that the Lord has at Washington able men, who can treat this Sunday movement as it should be treated. Let every minister, every evangelist, now put on the whole armor of God, and work and watch and pray. Our church-members also should humble their hearts before God, and cry aloud, and spare not. O that the Lord would imbue the members of his church with a sense of the importance of the responsibility of being laborers together with him!” RH February 16, 1905, Art. A, par. 12