Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 6 (1889-1890)


Lt 72, 1889

White, Mary

Battle Creek, Michigan

July 19, 1889

Portions of this letter are published in 3Bio 452-453.

Dear Daughter Mary:

Yesterday I had very kindly thoughts of Colorado and would have felt pleased to be there, for it was oppressively hot, muggy—no air scarcely stirring. Emma and I rode out in the early afternoon and then after I had written considerable, we rode to Beckie Winslow’s and there met Mother Howland and Fannie Lunt. It is strange I did not know that they were here until the first of this week. We find Sister Howland looking and appearing remarkably well for a woman of eighty-three years. 6LtMs, Lt 72, 1889, par. 1

Two hours gone. Sister Uriah Smith has just called on me for the first time. We had a good social visit. I was pleased to show her all through both houses, the working rooms above the office, six in number, and the new-made house proper where the cooking is done and the family meet. She thought everything was so healthy and convenient that there could not be such a place found even in the grand houses in Battle Creek. 6LtMs, Lt 72, 1889, par. 2

Willie has just handed me your last letter. I am pleased to read every scrap of news that tells us you are better. Well, I say, do not get the cheap buggy. Buy the horse and outfit yourself and then you will feel free to use it any time. I will pay for the extra on buggy and on the horse. This you must not object to my doing, for it will give me great pleasure, and I shall expect to make some use of the same. Of course, if you can get the buggy for $100.00 do so quickly; if it is more, do not give up the bargain. I want you to be comfortable and I shall not feel at peace unless you are so. 6LtMs, Lt 72, 1889, par. 3

I would be pleased to go to Colorado when Willie goes, but if this cannot be, and I am quite sure it will not be, then I will attend two or three more camp meetings first, and then I shall feel free to come to Colorado and go on my way to California. Do not be afraid of a meat diet if the meat is healthy. Have it rare cooked. Have faith in God. We are trying to put all our care upon Him who careth for us. Even little matters we commit to God, believing that He will help us and counsel us in all the small difficulties. The Lord is nigh us. Finite beings are prone to consider that the Lord is too great to look upon us and devote attention to all our little difficulties in temporal as well as in spiritual things. In this many limit the divine Providence. The Lord has invited our confidence, “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28. It is for us to come with all our wants and with all our troubles. We have faith to grasp the promises of Jehovah. We know He doth [not] forget us. Let your soul repose in God. 6LtMs, Lt 72, 1889, par. 4

We trust and hold fast the grasp of faith. The Lord is merciful. Let us praise Him with our whole heart. 6LtMs, Lt 72, 1889, par. 5

Since the camp meetings it has seemed too hard for me to attend any more camp meetings; then again, I think I will go, and if I did die at my post of duty, I want increased faith. We have had some most precious seasons of prayer. The Lord has come very near to those assembled. Willie has their committee meeting under trees in the yard. All have been very comfortable in this way. 6LtMs, Lt 72, 1889, par. 6

We are all remarkably well for us as a family, and I do not hear of much sickness. Lena Whitney is sick with malaria fever. Well, I have left my letter again to order one bushel of cherries, Black Marella; then Captain Eldridge came in, and we generally have so much to say that his “just a minute” lengthens into half an hour. I tell you, he is a sensible level-headed man and I love to converse with him. 6LtMs, Lt 72, 1889, par. 7

Sara has just brought from the office my pictures which have hung there for years—more than eight years. One large one, “Christ Blessing Little Children” has not been found; [or] else it was “Christ Riding into Jerusalem,” I cannot tell which. Father gave it to me just before he died. Well, we shall get everything together before long and shall keep a place here where we can call it home. 6LtMs, Lt 72, 1889, par. 8

Everyone who comes into my room any time of the day exclaims, “Why, how nice and cool you are here.” I feel very thankful for this home here in Battle Creek, for I never expected so good a home. The house is just as warm as a brick house in winter. It is lathed and plastered twice so that it will be warm in cold weather. I wish it could be my privilege to be in Colorado this summer and this winter. 6LtMs, Lt 72, 1889, par. 9

But now is the golden opportunity for me to get out my books and I shall try to make the most of it. We are within a few steps of the Office. No delays to annoy us by copy passing through the mails. Here proof can be passed in without any delay of time. I shall seek to stand it this winter, and may the Lord help me is my earnest prayer. 6LtMs, Lt 72, 1889, par. 10

Now Mary, tell me what kind of fruit you will prefer for us to bring you. We have seventy-five quarts of our sour red cherries and shall put up some black cherries. We have seventy-five quarts canned of black and red raspberries. We have twenty-five quarts of strawberries. Then come the huckleberries, cranberries, currants, grapes, and tomatoes. When Willie comes I want to send fruit. Will you tell me what would please you best? I have written you in regard to Laura. If [Walter] Harper would only let her alone I would be in favor of her coming but he will not. 6LtMs, Lt 72, 1889, par. 11

Mr. Adams, lawyer, is stopping in Battle Creek on his way to New York. He takes dinner with us today. 6LtMs, Lt 72, 1889, par. 12

Now, dear Mary, make yourself just as comfortable as you possibly can and that will please me so much. Do not feel that you must scrimp for money. There is enough that you need not want for any good thing. What do you think of Annie Rasmussen as cook? Just think of it and tell us. 6LtMs, Lt 72, 1889, par. 13

Ten minutes of three. Lawyer Adams and his [wife] came by invitation to take dinner with us. We have entertained them until a few moments since. They seemed to enjoy the social visit very much. They are now being taken through the Office. They have been at the Sanitarium. They leave Battle Creek the first of the week. 6LtMs, Lt 72, 1889, par. 14

Well, Mary, keep up good courage and may the Lord bless you abundantly is the prayer of, 6LtMs, Lt 72, 1889, par. 15