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1 Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 60.1 (Ellen Gould White)

And the life of toil and care which was henceforth to be man's lot was appointed in love. It was a discipline rendered needful by his sin, to place a check upon …

2 Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 60.2 (Ellen Gould White)

The warning given to our first parents—“In the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die” ( Genesis 2:17 )—did not imply that they were to die on the very …

3 Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 60.3 (Ellen Gould White)

In order to possess an endless existence, man must continue to partake of the tree of life. Deprived of this, his vitality would gradually diminish until life …

4 Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 60.4 (Ellen Gould White)

The tide of woe that flowed from the transgression of our first parents is regarded by many as too awful a consequence for so small a sin, and they impeach the …

5 Selected Messages Book 3, p. 179.5 (Ellen Gould White)

… a 60-page appendix (pp. 242-302) in the book Through Crisis to Victory .—Compilers. ]

7 The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1, p. 113.2 (Ellen Gould White)

… , p. 60. See: P. Gerard Damsteegt, Foundations of the Seventh-day Adventist Message and Mission, p. 152; Rolf J. Poehler, “‘… and the Door Was Shut,’” pp. 114, 115; Ingemar Lindén …

8 The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1, p. 626.1 (Ellen Gould White)

… , age 60, also living in Wright. Ira and his wife, Hannah, had become Sabbatarian Adventists in 1857, but it is unclear which if any of the grown sons had joined the …

11 A Prophet Among You, p. 183.8 (T. Housel Jemison)

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14 Messenger of the Lord, p. 144.5 (Herbert E. Douglass)

… Bearers, pp. 59, 60; Bio., vol. 1, pp. 116, 117. Life Sketches of Ellen G. White, 97. Ibid.

15 Messenger of the Lord, p. 220.3 (Herbert E. Douglass)

… 18-60 should give 5 to 25 cents weekly; (2) Women from 18-60, 2 to 10 cents weekly; (3) In addition, all should “lay aside” weekly 1 to 5 cents “on each and every $100 of property …

16 Messenger of the Lord, p. 531.8 (Herbert E. Douglass)

… Crisis, pp. 49-60, 163-167. Letter 371, 1907, cited in Selected Messages, book 1, p. 55.

17 Ellen G. White’s View of the Role of Women in the SDA Church, p. 3.2 (Roger W. Coon)

… , 1985, pp. 52-60, a condensation of his longer paper, “Route to the Ordination of Women in the S.D.A. Church: Two Parts,” unpublished, March 18, 1985.)

18 The Gathering of Israel, p. 6.6 (Julia Neuffer)

… Views, pp. 178, 179; Josiah Litch, Prophetic Expositions, vol. 1, p. 70; Himes, Editorial, Advent Herald, n.s. 5:60, 61, March 23, 1850; [Storrs], in Bible Examiner, reprinted …

19 Inspiration/Revelation: What It Is and How It Works

… Remnant, pp. 13, 60, and 79.

20 The Truth About The White Lie, p. 9 (Ellen G. White Estate & Biblical Research Institute)

Did Mrs. White promise to answer the questions of Drs. Stewart, Sadler, and others, and then, after she received the questions, “conveniently” have a vision instructing her not to do so? The White Lie, pp. 60, 170.