Selected Messages Book 2


Section 5—The Remuneration of Our Workers


Remuneration for services rendered is a subject of constant and practical interest to everyone. It is a topic well represented in several current Ellen G. White books. 2SM 172.1

Presented here are supplementary counsels that were drawn together for the study of certain committees appointed by the General Conference to review the principles that should govern in the remuneration of Seventh-day Adventist workers. This material proved to be helpful to the committees, and at their suggestion it is being included here. 2SM 172.2

The review of these and other principles, drawn from various documents and counsels given regarding the relationship of Seventh-day Adventist workers to the organizations with which they are connected, will be read with profit. 2SM 172.3

And to any who may be tempted, because of financial pressures, to accept an inviting offer of a larger income in lines of work not directly connected with the cause of God, the chapter, “counsel to one who for financial reasons, was planning to leave the work of God,” will offer challenging and sobering thoughts. In all these Ellen G. White messages the spirit of Christ, which is the spirit of sacrifice, is the keynote. 2SM 172.4

White Trustees.

[Appeared in The Review and Herald, January 4, 1906.] 2SM 172.5