Selected Messages Book 2


The Shadows of Satan

[Appeared in Notebook Leaflets, the Church, No. 3.]

Bear in mind that the time will never come when the shadow of Satan will not be cast athwart our pathway to obstruct our faith and eclipse the light coming from the Sun of Righteousness. Our faith must not stagger, but cleave through that shadow. We have an experience that is not to be buried in the darkness of doubt. Our faith is not in feeling, but in truth. None of us need flatter ourselves that while the world is progressing in wickedness we shall have no difficulties. 2SM 157.2

It is these very difficulties that bring us to the audience chamber of the Most High, to seek counsel of the One who is infinite in wisdom. He loves to have us seek Him; He loves to have us trust Him and believe His Word. If we had no perplexities, no trials, we would become self-sufficient and lifted up in ourselves. The true saints will be purified, and made white, and tried.—Letter 58, 1909. 2SM 157.3