Selected Messages Book 2


Section 4—Counsels for Workers


A number of helpful messages that appeared in Notebook Leaflets were addressed more specifically to Seventh-day Adventist workers. Such of these counsels as have not been included or paralleled in other Ellen G. White books of recent issuance, now appear in this volume. The reader will note that these messages touch on many subjects of special interest to the ministry, and to all who have consecrated their talents to the service of God. 2SM 146.1

The closing chapter of this section is addressed to D. M. Canright, A Seventh-day Adventist minister who was trusted and loved by both leaders and laity, but who allowed in his heart a little seed of distrust and bitterness that grew until he finally severed his connection with the church. Before doing so, D. M. Canright left the ministry and returned to it at least three times. Mrs. White tried again and again to steady Mr. Canright. One such appeal is presented here. References to several other communications will be found in connection with this chapter. 2SM 146.2

In 1887 Mr. Canright severed his connection with the Seventh-day Adventist church forever. He spent his remaining years in writing and speaking against the church and Mrs. White. The earnest appeal that is made to him at the close of this section might well call for self-examination by each reader. 2SM 146.3

White Trustees.