Selected Messages Book 2


A Wrong and Right Use of Inspired Counsel

[Addressed to Mr. Garmire.—Compilers.]

My brother, you have been deceived yourself, and have deceived others. You have not searched the Scriptures in the right way. You must search them to learn the mind of God, not to prove your theory. You read the Word of God in the light of your own views. You build up a false structure, and then barricade it with texts which you claim prove it to be true; but you pass over those passages which prove it to be untrue. You say, “The Bible is my foundation of faith.” But is it? I answer, The Bible does not sustain your position. Again you say, “Show me by the Bible that I am wrong, and I will give up my views.” But how can you be convinced by the Bible as long as you wrest and misapply its utterances? By so doing you cut off the only source by which God might reach and convict you. 2SM 82.2

The only true way to search the Scriptures is to lay down every prejudice, every preconceived opinion, at the very door of investigation, and then enter into the work with an eye single to the glory of God, with an understanding open to conviction, and a heart softened to believe what the Lord says to you. 2SM 82.3

The opinions of men in regard to the interpretation of Scripture are many and varied; but the Scriptures are not changed to suit men's ideas. The blessed Book is yea and amen; it remains firm, eternal. The commentaries of men do not all agree, but the great and blessed facts remain the same. God's Word is immutable; “it is written.” 2SM 82.4

You have also taken from their connection portions of the testimonies which the Lord has given for the benefit of His people, and have misapplied them to the support of your erroneous theories—borrowing or stealing the light of Heaven to teach that which the testimonies have no harmony with, and have ever condemned. Thus you place both scripture and testimony in the framework of error. All who are in error do as you have done.... You do not have real faith in the testimonies. If you did, you would have received those which pointed out your delusion. You have been drinking at polluted streams.... 2SM 83.1

You have been prepared to accept Satan's suggestions to give to the world something new and strange and startling, something in opposition to the positions that have been so long held as truth by our people. Your daughter's false productions have exalted you to do a great work. You have been flattered and have made yourself an agent of the enemy in bringing about results which it is impossible for you to estimate. You have published heresies and theories which could only excite animosity. The result is lamentable to your family and to all who are in sympathy with the false theories you have advanced. Brother Garmire, there is a work for you to do for yourself which no one can do for you, which is to humble your heart before God, confess your sins, and be converted. 2SM 83.2

Criticism and its Fruitage

The Lord has a people, and He is leading them. Though there certainly are things existing in the church which are not right, Jesus has not placed you at the helm, to guide the church. Unless you change your attitude, you cannot be saved. “Repent, and do the first works” (Revelation 2:5), is the only condition upon which God can restore you to favor. Those whom the Lord pardons, He first makes penitent. The genuine work of the Spirit of God in the heart is necessary in your case, if you are ever recovered from the snare of the enemy. I have but little hope in your case, for your principles are tainted. You are a man of deceptive character; yet you claim great things for yourself. 2SM 83.3

Satan has succeeded in making you think that you are selected by God to act a special part as a representative man in connection with the third angel's message, as it goes forth with power. But you are not right with God, and God cannot administer to error. You make the most of the errors you see in the responsible men of the church, and make capital of the reproofs given them, because these men do not harmonize with you, or regard as correct the religious experience which you hold as superior to the light God has let shine upon the church. Who placed you on the judgment seat, to condemn others?—Not God, but yourself.... 2SM 84.1

The words you have spoken in condemnation of your brethren, have not been few. It seems to be your meat and drink to condemn. Your spiritual experience is composed of that which you give it to feed upon. You also love to present your false ideas before your family, and before anyone who will hear you. Can you be surprised, then, that the unholy leaven has worked? You may call this blasphemy, if you will, but it is what the Lord has shown me. Anna's visions come in to confirm you in your wrong views. You are deceiving and being deceived. Satan has so arranged matters that you have barricaded your soul with falsehood.—Letter 12, 1890. 2SM 84.2