Selected Messages Book 2


Convincing Evidence Accompanies the Message Inspired by God

When the Lord gives a man a message, He gives with it something whereby His people may know that the message is from Him. God does not ask his people to believe everyone who comes to them with a message. 2SM 71.2

The Lord sends warnings to His people, not to destroy them, but to correct their errors 2SM 71.3

We are living in perilous times. From the light I have, I know that Satan is trying to bring in that which will make people think they have a wonderful work to do. But when God gives a man a message, that man, by his meekness and lowliness, will give evidence that God is working through him. God lives and reigns, and He desires us to walk before Him in humility. He does not wish this man N to force himself before a congregation.... 2SM 71.4

We are not going to be interrupted in meeting after meeting by those who claim they have a message to deliver. He who presses himself forward into a place where he is not wanted is not doing the work of God. We are to work like soldiers in an army. We are not to step out of the ranks, and begin to work on our own account.—Manuscript 30, 1901. 2SM 71.5