Selected Messages Book 2


Counsel Regarding the Publishing of Books on Hypnotism

[Over a period of years, in an endeavor to profitably utilize the equipment in our publishing houses—acquired for printing the message—a certain amount of commercial work was accepted. There came a time when, among other items, copy of a detrimental character was accepted for publication. Reference to this sad experience is made in Testimonies, Volume 7, pages 164-168, and in the following item dealing with the publication of literature on hypnosis.—Compilers.]

Shall its managers consent to be the agents of Satan by publishing books dealing with the subject of hypnotism? Shall this leprosy be introduced into the office? Satan and his agents have been and are working diligently. Will God give His blessing to the publishing houses if they accept the deceptions of the enemy? Shall the institutions which have been kept before the people as holy unto the Lord become schools in which the workers eat the fruit of the forbidden tree of knowledge? Shall we encourage Satan in his stealthy entrance into the citadel of truth to deposit his hellish science, as he did in Eden? Are the men at the heart of the work men who cannot distinguish between truth and error? Are they men who cannot see the terrible consequences of giving influence to wrong? 2SM 350.4

If you should gain millions of dollars by work of this kind, of what value is this gain when compared with the terrible loss that is incurred by giving publicity to Satan's lies, by making it possible for the world to say that books containing errors were published at the Seventh-day Adventist publishing house, to be scattered broadcast to the world? 2SM 351.1

Awake, and realize that your presses have published the devil's lies. Let the men who know the truth act like wise men, placing the whole weight of their influence on the side of truth and righteousness.—Letter 140, 1901 (Addressed to the managers of our publishing houses, October 16, 1901). 2SM 351.2