Selected Messages Book 2


A Delicate Situation

In regard to the matter of prayer for the sick, many confusing ideas are advanced. One says, “He who has been prayed for must walk out in faith, giving God the glory, and making use of no remedies. If he is at a health institute he should leave it at once.” 2SM 345.1

I know that these ideas are wrong, and that if accepted they would lead to many evils. 2SM 345.2

On the other hand, I do not wish to say anything that might be interpreted to mean a lack of belief in the efficacy of prayer. 2SM 345.3

The path of faith lies close beside the path of presumption. Satan is ever seeking to lead us into false paths. He sees that a misunderstanding of what constitutes faith will confuse and disappoint. He is pleased when he can persuade men and women to reason from false premises. 2SM 345.4

I can pray for the sick only in one way—“Lord, if it be in accordance with Thy will, for Thy glory and the good of the one who is sick, heal the sufferer, we pray. Not our will, but Thine be done.” 2SM 345.5

Nehemiah did not regard his duty as done when he had mourned and wept and prayed before the Lord. He did not only pray. He worked, mingling petition and endeavor. 2SM 346.1

It is no denial of faith to use rational remedies judiciously.—Manuscript 31, 1911. 2SM 346.2