Selected Messages Book 2


Selected Messages Book 2

A Word to the Reader

Together with the other volumes of Selected Messages, this book preserves in permanent form choice counsels that have appeared in articles, mimeographed documents, pamphlets, and Ellen G. White's letters and manuscripts. A statement about the compilation and purpose of Selected Messages is given in “A Word to the Reader” in Book 1, hence is not repeated here. 2SM 11.1

The counsels contained in this volume provide warnings against fanatical and deceptive teachings, give principles for detecting false prophets and misleading movements, and deal with such practical issues as avoiding labor conflicts and providing fair pay for church workers. They offer guidance for the aging, courage for the suffering, assurance for the dying, and comfort for the bereaved. Also included are counsels about miraculous healing, proper attitudes in prayer, voting, saving money for future needs, serving in the military, and many other practical topics. 2SM 11.2

Counsels related to health form a significant part of this volume. Section VII deals with the use of medications and medical procedures, and Appendix 1 contains Mrs. White's six articles on “Disease and Its Causes” from her 1865 publication of Health, or How to Live. These articles present some of her earliest health counsel. 2SM 11.3

Each section of this book is preceded by an introduction. Prepared by the White Estate Trustees, these introductions provide background and context for the material that follows. In providing this historical information, they also give the reader a better understanding of how to apply the counsels in the section. Particularly noteworthy are the introductions to Section VII and Appendix 1. 2SM 11.4

Appendix items 2 and 3 have special value at this time as the Advent message circles the globe and reaches all cultures: “Important Factors in Choosing a Life Companion” and “The Brotherhood of Mankind.” 2SM 11.5

The present volume closes with the section entitled “As We Near the End.” Included are a number of specific messages that instill confidence in the triumph of the church. Among them are two messages Mrs. White addressed to the General Conference session in 1913, the last session before her death in 1915. Because of her advanced age, she was unable to attend the session, but her words were read to the delegates. These communications express confidence in her fellow workers and in the triumph of the cause to which she devoted her life. 2SM 11.6

That this volume of Selected Messages may cheer and guide the Advent family on their journey to the city of God is the sincere wish of the Publishers and 2SM 11.7

The Board of Trustees of the Ellen G. White Estate