Selected Messages Book 2


Section 8—General Counsels


The Spirit of Prophecy counsels are always practical. From the pen of Ellen White we find counsel and instruction touching almost every phase of Christian life and experience. Although most of the lines of instruction given are represented in the Testimonies and other Ellen G. White books, the reindexing of published but now out-of-print materials and of unpublished manuscripts has revealed items of counsel along certain lines, which are becoming of increasing importance today with the appearance of new and difficult situations. These items will add tangibly to the wealth of instruction now in the hands of Seventh-day Adventists. 2SM 310.1

As an instance, we offer the formerly unpublished statements on the problem of hypnosis, which in some medical circles is looked upon favorably as a means of therapy. The specific Ellen G. White counsels dealing with the use of hypnosis in the treatment of the sick, and indicating the hazards of using it in any way, are very pertinent at this time. 2SM 310.2

The section closes with counsels calling upon Seventh-day Adventists to consider the value of a rural environment for their homes. These are drawn from sources other than the published books, but have been presented earlier in the pamphlet Country Living, with emphasis on the importance of moving carefully and guardedly in choosing a new location for the home in the country and away from the crowded cities. Appearing here in this permanent form, they are available for ready reference. 2SM 310.3

White Trustees.

[Appeared in Notebook Leaflets, Methods, No. 7.] 2SM 310.4