Selected Messages Book 2


Counsel to a Physician Regarding a Fixed Salary

The plan that you are to receive above your wages any money that you may make in certain lines of work, is opening a door of temptation which will lead to evil results. This is not discerned by you or by those who drew up these articles of agreement. But it will be the means of great injury to you, and will bring reproach upon the cause of God. There is in this plan an erroneous principle, which must be considered. Nothing is to be left at loose ends. Everything is to be bound off. You are to receive a definite sum as wages for your work, and live within that sum. 2SM 199.3

Something of this character has been carried on in the negotiations with Dr. U. It is a fraudulent transaction. God sees its tendency and its result. This method of remuneration is not to be carried out in the sanitariums that are to be established. This institution must pay you a suitable sum for your services. And all who are connected with the institution must receive remuneration in proportion to their services.—Letter 99, 1900. 2SM 200.1