Selected Messages Book 2


Free From Worldly Enterprises and Conflicting Duties

There are many things that need to be adjusted, that will be adjusted if we adhere strictly to principle. Special instruction has been given me in regard to our ministers. It is not the will of God that they shall seek to be rich. They should not engage in worldly enterprises, for this disqualifies them for giving their best powers to spiritual things. But they are to receive wages enough to support themselves and their families. And they are not to have so many burdens laid upon them that they cannot give proper attention to the church in their own home. It is their duty to teach their children as did Abraham to keep the way of the Lord, and to do justice and judgment.... 2SM 187.3

Let ministers and teachers remember that God holds them accountable to fill their office to the best of their ability, to bring into their work their very best powers. They are not to take up duties that conflict with the work God has given them. When ministers and teachers, pressed continually under the burden of financial responsibility, enter the pulpit or the schoolroom weary and tired, with throbbing brain and overtaxed nerves, what can be expected but that common fire will be used instead of the sacred fire of God's kindling? The strained, tattered efforts hurt the speaker and disappoint the listeners. He has had no time to seek the Lord, no time to ask in faith for the unction of the Holy Spirit. Shall we not change this way of working?—Manuscript 101, 1902. 2SM 188.1