Selected Messages Book 1


Section 4—“Preach the Word”


- As in the year 1933 the General Conference leadership made plans for strong evangelistic emphasis and effort throughout North America, it was realized that if large objectives were to be accomplished, the ministers who stood before the people must turn from subjects of minor importance to the presentation of the third angel's message in its broad and gripping phases. At the request of the General Conference a sixteen-page pamphlet entitled “Preach the Word,” containing Ellen G. White counsels, was published. Great good was accomplished by the many thousands of copies distributed, charging the ministry anew with the solemn responsibility of proclaiming the last judgment-hour message to the world. Those portions not in other E. G. White books are included in permanent form here. The statements printed do not constitute an exhaustive compilation of what Ellen White has written on this subject. Additional counsel may be found in the books Evangelism, Gospel Workers, Testimonies to Ministers, and Christian Service. 1SM 154.1

Following the pamphlet items are a few related chapters. “The Peril of Extreme Views” is a communication addressed to one of our ministers, containing instruction of great service, which until now has been available only in Notebook Leaflets. The chapter on “Time Setting” is pertinent. The section closes with counsels drawn from Special Testimonies, Series B, No. 2, written during the crisis of 1903 and 1904 when certain pantheistic views were being pressed upon the denomination as new light which, it was asserted, would prove a great blessing to the church. The chief blessing that resulted from this crisis was in the lessons in truth so earnestly communicated by the Lord's messenger to the struggling church, found mainly in Testimonies, Volume 8, and The Ministry of Healing. 1SM 154.2

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