Selected Messages Book 1


Section 3—Revival and Reformation


One of the most outstanding appeals made by Ellen G. White for revival and reformation was published in The Review and Herald, March 22, 1887, under the title “The Church's Need.” This article was drawn from heavily in the compilation of materials prepared by Elder A. G. Daniells, for Christ Our Righteousness. in the initial printings (1926 and 1937) the article also appeared in its entirety in the appendix. For mechanical reasons in later printings (1941 and onward), the article, selections from which had appeared in the text of the book itself, was not included in the appendix. This much-sought-after article in its entirety now opens this stirring section. 1SM 120.1

The spiritual contest immediately following a revival, which rages between the forces of righteousness and the forces of evil for the souls of those who have begun a new experience, is vividly portrayed in this section. In the setting of the great revival at Battle Creek College and the events that followed in succeeding months, Ellen White deals with this vital question. The elements of this struggle are those that are present in every revival effort of the church. 1SM 120.2

This section closes with the presentation of experiences in audience response in a number of revivals in which Ellen White herself participated. These help to show how she carried into her work the instruction concerning soul winning that distinguished her counsels to gospel workers. Many of these experiences recorded by Mrs. White mainly in her daily journal appear in terse, diary style. The word pictures she paints of making appeals for public response begin with the early years in Battle Creek and carry over into Europe and Australia, then back again to the United States. There is a certain amount of repetition in the accounts, but enough of singular interest in each item to prove of value to the reader. 1SM 120.3

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