Selected Messages Book 1


Selected Messages Book 1

A Word to the Reader

In her last will and testament, Ellen G. White left the care of her writings to five church leaders, whom she named, appointing them as a self-perpetuating board of trustees of her literary estate. One of the duties assigned to this board was “The Printing of Compilations from My Manuscripts.” Beginning in the 1920s, many compilations were produced, giving inspired counsel on single topics such as health, gospel work, stewardship, or home life. 1SM 12.1

The three volumes of the Selected Messages series depart from this pattern. These books resemble the Testimonies for the Church in that they include writings on a variety of topics, such as how inspiration works, revival and reformation, and the danger of speculations, extreme views, and time-setting. They also contain instruction on healthful living, the use of drugs and remedial agencies, preparing for last-day events, and other practical topics on how to honor God in all aspects of daily life. 1SM 12.2

More than half of the present volume focuses directly on Jesus, emphasizing the fact that he is the true center of all doctrine, teaching, and experience. Topics covered include the incarnation, the temptation of Christ, Christ as creator and life-giver, Christ our divine sin-bearer, and Christ our righteousness. 1SM 12.3

The sources from which these counsels were drawn include periodical articles, out-of-print pamphlets and tracts, the Notebook Leaflets series, and Mrs. White's letters and manuscripts. As originally written, the selections were not related to each other, but in this and the other two volumes of Selected Messages they have been brought together for easy access and balanced presentation. Within the limitations of space, the compilers have endeavored to include as much context as would be relevant and helpful. 1SM 12.4

This volume was compiled in the offices of the White Estate by its staff under the direction of the board of trustees of the Ellen G. White estate. Introductory statements that appear at the beginning of each section give background on the subjects introduced, and are signed by this board. Explanatory notes, approved by the trustees, are signed “Compilers.” 1SM 12.5

That this volume may help the church accomplish its God-assigned task is the sincere prayer and desire of the publishers and 1SM 12.6

The board of trustees of the Ellen G. White estate