Selected Messages Book 1


Section 5—Christ and the Doctrines


Over a period of more than sixty years about 2,000 E.G. White articles were published in the Review and Herald. Another 2,000 articles were furnished to the Signs of the Times. Hundreds of messages from her pen appeared in The Youth's Instructor, our health journals, the union conference papers, et cetera. 1SM 210.1

These articles covered a wide variety of subjects, including practical instruction, warnings and counsel for the church, accounts of travels and labors, instruction in soul-winning work, and perhaps most important, doctrinal presentations. The freedom of space offered by periodical form of presentation made possible varied and detailed treatment of many important doctrinal topics. The same subjects were dealt with again and again, each time with an emphasis on varying points of interest. In harmony with her instruction, these many articles have been drawn upon in the work of compiling certain Ellen G. White books that have been published since her death. 1SM 210.2

While there is not a general call for the republication of all of the articles in their entirely, there is a desire to have a choice group of articles devoted largely to doctrinal subjects reprinted in their completeness of coverage. Many of these are outstanding in their presentation of the central truths of the Advent message. These priceless messages are here presented for the most part in their entirety, giving the reader the benefit of each statement in its full setting. There are a few exceptions where there were large segments of an article that were not closely related to the doctrinal presentation, and in these cases deletions have been made and indicated in the usual way. The careful student of the Word of God will rejoice to see these choice doctrinal statements—all of which center in Christ our Lord—appear in this permanent form. 1SM 210.3

White Trustees.