Bible Handbook


Diet in Moses’ Writings

Genesis 1:29. Nuts, grains, and fruits, original diet. BHB 153.13

Genesis 3:17, 18. After sin entered herbs were added to the diet. This diet continued for 1655 years until the flood, or about one-third of the entire history of the world. BHB 153.14

Genesis 9:3. After the flood, flesh diet was permitted. BHB 153.15

Genesis 9:4. Never allowed to eat blood. The Acts of the Apostles, 191-197. BHB 153.16

Leviticus 7:26, 27. The soul that ate any manner of blood was cut off. BHB 154.1

Leviticus 17:10-12. No stranger allowed to eat blood. BHB 154.2

Acts 15:28, 29. A necessary requirement of the Christian church. BHB 154.3

Deuteronomy 12:24-25. Life in the blood. BHB 154.4

Leviticus 10:17, 18. In some offerings priests ate a portion of the flesh. BHB 154.5

1 Samuel 2:12-16. Priests could eat only sodden flesh,-flesh which had been boiled until the blood was extracted from it. The priests that were “sons of Belial,” wished raw flesh that could be roasted with the blood in it, thus giving flavor to the flesh. Testimonies for the Church 6:327; Testimonies for the Church 9:163, 164. BHB 154.6

There are many at the present day, who, like the sons of Eli, prefer flesh cooked in a manner to retain the blood. Very little flesh would be eaten if God’s requirements were followed. The blood gives flavor. Flesh sodden (put over the fire in cold water and cooked slowly) is almost tasteless. BHB 154.7

1 Samuel 2:17. He who disregards the Lord’s instruction, whether priest or layman, causes the people to think lightly of the Lord’s requirements. Testimonies for the Church 9:159, 160. BHB 154.8

Leviticus 7:23-25. Fat was forbidden. Testimonies for the Church 2:63. BHB 154.9

Leviticus 3:17. The command to abstain from blood and fat is a perpetual statute. Testimonies for the Church 2:61 BHB 154.10