Ms 143, 1902


Ms 143, 1902

To Every Man His Work


November 6, 1902 [typed]

Portions of this manuscript are published in Ev 633-634; MR311 31-32. +Note

“To every man his work.” [Mark 13:34.] Ms143-1902.1

The Lord has appointed certain men to do a special work. If they give themselves to this work, He will bless them in their effort to be His helping hand. The Lord has given Brother E. R. Palmer a special and important part to act in the canvassing work. He will give him wisdom that will enable him to teach others how to carry the canvassing work forward successfully. But He has not given Brother Palmer the responsibility of the publishing work. This is not his field of labor. Ms143-1902.2

Brother Palmer has traits of character that should not be brought into the work of dealing with minds. He has cultivated and inherited tendencies which, if he takes upon him the work of settling difficulties, will place him in an unfavorable light. The Lord has not fitted him for such work. Ms143-1902.3

God will give His chosen workers strength to bear every burden that He has laid upon them. He will help Brother Palmer to carry the responsibilities that He has given him in the canvassing work. But Brother Palmer must guard against adding to his work burdens that the Lord has not laid upon him. That which he is fitted to do in the education of canvassers is a large and much-needed work. But if he takes on himself too many burdens, he will surely disqualify himself for his appointed work as general canvassing agent. Ms143-1902.4

The Lord has given Elder Daniells a work. But Elder Daniells must not take upon himself too many responsibilities; for this will disqualify him for doing his appointed work. He is to stand stiffly for the truth for this time. Ms143-1902.5

When the Lord lays upon His stewards a special work, they should be careful not to increase their responsibilities; for this overtaxes their powers. My brethren, give diligent heed to the business for which you are fitted. Had Elder Olsen attended to his special line of work in connection with the General Conference, pleading with God for His purifying power and for wisdom to keep the way of the Lord, he would have had victory at every step. Ms143-1902.6