Arguments on the Breckinridge Sunday Bill




Mr. Schulteis—MR. CHAIRMAN, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: I hold in my hand an indorsement of the Breckinridge Sunday-Rest bill, from Local Assembly 2672, Knights of Labor, of which I have the honor to be almoner. At a meeting of this Assembly, the Breckinridge Sunday-Rest bill was the subject of discussion, and on motion it was resolved that this body indorsed House Bill 3854, entitled, “A bill to prevent persons from being forced to labor on Sunday,” and praying for the passage of the same. ABSB 65.1

I will simply state that at a convention of Knights of Labor held at Indianapolis in 1888, the Sunday-Rest bill (which included the District of Columbia) was indorsed by the unanimous vote of the entire body. It was represented by delegates from all over the United States. Every Knight of Labor was represented there, and I don’t see that there is any further talk that I can make, to add to that important indorsement of the Knights of Labor. I will merely present the credentials of my Assembly, and its indorsement, stating that, while I have not had special instructions to present this matter to this committee, I hold credentials from district 66, as a member of the Legislative Committee, to appear before the committees of Congress, in all matters affecting labor legislation, for the District of Columbia. [Here the credentials referred to were presented to the committee. Signed, John C. Gates, Dist. 66, K. of L., with address.] ABSB 65.2