Are There Any Protestants?


Such parallels could be extended indefinitely, and all would go only the more to show that the repudiation of the word “Protestant” by the Federal Council of churches in the United States, was but the mouth speaking out of the already over-welling abundance of the heart. ATAP 4.2

It now remains to be seen whether the “more than seventeen millions” of the membership of these churches that are claimed to be represented in the vote of the 319 delegates, were really represented in that vote repudiating the word “Protestant.” ATAP 4.3

Is all these were really represented in that action, then it will be a wonderful satisfaction and encouragement to Rome in her purpose concerning this nation to know that here are “more than seventeen millions” of people who are already pledged to silence, whatever she may do. ATAP 4.4

And if any of these were not truly represented in that action of the 319 delegates, then it is urgent upon them just now to wake up and speak out and let it be known that there is at least one Protestant yet alive. ATAP 4.5

And whether a person be a member of any of these churches of the federation, or a member of any other church, or of no church at all, by this action of the Federal Council there is now forced upon every one the personal, pertinent and very important, question,— ATAP 4.6

Are You a Protestant? ATAP 4.7

NOTE—It is but fair to all, that they should be informed as to what denominations they are whose “membership of more than 17,000,000” were professedly represented in that notable action of the 319 delegates at Chicago. They are the following:— ATAP 4.8

Baptists—Northern Convention ATAP 4.9

Baptists—National (African) Convention ATAP 4.10

Christian Church ATAP 4.11

Congregational Churches ATAP 4.12

Disciples of Christ ATAP 4.13

Evangelical (German) Synod of N. America ATAP 4.14

Evangelical Association ATAP 4.15

Free Baptists ATAP 4.16

Lutheran: (except Swedish Lutheran) ATAP 4.17

Mennonite Church ATAP 4.18

Methodist Episcopal Church ATAP 4.19

Methodist Episcopal Church South ATAP 4.20

African M. E. Church ATAP 4.21

African M. E. Zion Church ATAP 4.22

Methodist Protestant Church ATAP 4.23

Colored M. E. Church in America ATAP 4.24

Primitive Methodist Church ATAP 4.25

Moravian Church ATAP 4.26

Presbyterian Church in the U. S. A. ATAP 4.27

Presbyterian Church in the U. S. ATAP 4.28

The Protestant Episcopal Church, U. S. A. ATAP 4.29

Reformed Church in America ATAP 4.30

Reformed Church in the U. S. ATAP 4.31

Reformed Presbyterian Church ATAP 4.32

Cumberland Presbyterian Church ATAP 4.33

Seventh Day Baptist Church’ ATAP 4.34

Society of Friends ATAP 4.35

United Brethren in Christ ATAP 4.36

United Evangelical Church ATAP 4.37

United Presbyterian Church of N. America ATAP 4.38

Welsh Presbyterian Church ATAP 4.39

This leaflet can be had in any quantity. Will you help in whatever way you can in the good work of circulating it to the widest extent? Address: Alonzo T. Jones, Battle Creek, Mich. ATAP 4.40