Appeal from the U. S. Supreme Court Decision Making this “A Christian Nation”



“A curious feature of the present campaign is the still hunt now in progress among the Catholics. Our readers know with what persistency the Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions at Washington has pursued General Morgan, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, ever since he entered upon his office. They attempted to induce the President to withdraw his nomination, and failed; they tried to defeat his confirmation, and failed; they endeavored to frustrate his purposes by legislation, and failed; they sought to induce the Secretary of the Interior to overrule him, and failed; they appealed again to the President, but without success. They attempted to to [sic.] destroy General Morgan’s reputation and influence by newspaper attacks, which only reacted in his favor, and served to create a strong public sentiment against both them and their cause. It is seldom that non-Catholics of the country have been so united on any subject as on this. An effort was made in their behalf to defeat the renomination of the President at Minneapolis, which met with a most signal failure, and now a supreme effort is being made to defeat his re-election. AUSSC 44.2

“A pamphlet signed by one of the officers of the Catholic Bureau, Father Stephan, and addressed to Bishop Marty, another officer of the Bureau, assailing President Harrison, Secretary Noble, and Commissioner Morgan for the Indian policy of the administration, has been printed, and is being secretly circulated, we are informed, especially among the Catholic priests, with a view of defeating Harrison and electing Cleveland. AUSSC 44.3

“We believe this to be a blunder on the part of our Catholic friends. It is an attempt to carry into politics a sectarian question which does not belong there. There are great national issues of supreme importance to our public welfare, which alone should decide the result of the campaign, and the introduction of this outside issue is deplorable. AUSSC 45.1

“It is an effort to consolidate the influence of the Catholic Church in behalf of the Democratic party. In so far as it is successful in this, it will tend to unite the Protestants in the interests of the Republican party, and thus to array these two great bodies of religionists against each other. This is certainly not in the interests of either Protestantism or Catholicism, and most assuredly cannot result to the benefit of the latter.” AUSSC 45.2

The Catholic Standard charged the Independent with slander in the publication of such a charge; but the Independent answered in a way that showed clearly that it was not publishing merely a flying rumor, but from actual knowledge. In its issue of September 15, the Independent made answer in part thus:— AUSSC 45.3