EGW SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 7


Chapter 4

6 (Titus 2:8). Powers of Speech Sanctified—As you arose from the watery grave at the time of your baptism, you professed to be dead, and declared that your life was changed—hid with Christ in God. You claimed to be dead to sin, and cleansed from your hereditary and cultivated traits of evil. In going forward in the rite of baptism, you pledged yourselves before God to remain dead to sin. Your mouth was to remain a sanctified mouth, your tongue a converted tongue. You were to speak of God's goodness, and to praise His holy name. Thus you were to be a great help and blessing to the church (Manuscript 95, 1906). 7BC 908.7

12, 13. See EGW on Revelation 3:15-22. 7BC 908.8