SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 7 (EGW)


Chapter 6

10. See EGW on Matthew 26:14-16. 7BC 916.4

12 (see EGW on Galatians 5:6). Precious Promises—“Lay hold on eternal life.” Come to Jesus in faith. Ask, and ye shall receive. The forgiveness of sins is promised to him who repents, justification to him who believes, and the crown of life to him who is faithful unto death (Letter 33, 1895). 7BC 916.5

19. See EGW on 2 Corinthians 9:6. 7BC 916.6

20 (Colossians 2:8; see EGW on 1 John 2:18). Science and Religion Shed Light on Each Other—God is the foundation of everything. All true science is in harmony with His works; all true education leads to obedience to His government. Science opens new wonders to our view; she soars high and explores new depths; but she brings nothing from her research that conflicts with divine revelation. Ignorance may seek to support false views of God by appeals to science; but the book of nature and the written Word do not disagree; each sheds light on the other. Rightly understood, they make us acquainted with God and His character by teaching us something of the wise and beneficent laws through which He works (The Signs of the Times, March 20, 1884). 7BC 916.7

Sophistry of False Science—We need to guard continually against the sophistry in regard to geology and other branches of science falsely so-called, which have not one semblance of truth. The theories of great men need to be carefully sifted of the slightest trace of infidel suggestions. One tiny seed sown by teachers in our schools, if received by the students, will raise a harvest of unbelief. The Lord has given all the brilliancy of intellect that man possesses, and it should be devoted to His service (The Review and Herald, March 1, 1898). 7BC 916.8