The Conditionalist Faith of Our Fathers, vol. 2



CHAPTER SIXTY-TWO: Summing Up the Evidence of the Centuries

And now this sweeping portrayal of the centuries is before us-the age-old conflict over man’s origin, nature, and destiny, the unceasing battle of conflicting schools of thought across the years. With rapid summarizing strokes let us epitomize this vast pageant that has been spread before us in documented detail in these two volumes. CFF2 1257.1

Let us spotlight the leading witnesses to Conditionalism, epoch upon epoch, so as to get the panoramic picture compactly before us. In this way we may fairly and faithfully evaluate the evidence and arrive at a verdict that will be sound and true. And this must be reached upon the basis of revealed Bible truth-the only dependable norm for evaluating the evidence, the lie detector for all testimony, the basis for all right conclusions, the authority for any sound verdict. This revelation gives us assurance of the triumph of truth and the destined overthrow of error. We will thus find our own individual relation to it all. CFF2 1257.2

While we are but distant spectators of the past, we are close-up observers of the present. Yes, we are more than observers, we are inescapable participants in the final clash between truth and error. The continuing conflict of the centuries is to reach its consummation in our day. We are to witness the climax of the struggle. And, on the basis of the Word, the outcome is assured. Nor is this some vain speculation or empty, groundless hope. It is founded upon the covenanted Word of the living God, who formed man. He has guided man’s destiny across the ages, and according to the inviolable pledge of His promise, He is soon to overthrow all error and establish truth forever. CFF2 1257.3

He will end the controversy. He will overthrow Satan, the father of the twin lies spawned in Eden. He will expose those deceptions that have marred and scarred the centuries. He will crush this masterpiece of deception that has brought the conflict of the ages to the peak of the life-and-death struggle between God’s truth and the devil’s lie. The conflict will end at the personal return in the clouds of glory of Him who is the Truth and the Life, the Creator and the Redeemer, the Resurrection and the Restorer. Let us go back, then, and first seek the main import of volume one. CFF2 1258.1