The Conditionalist Faith of Our Fathers, vol. 2


II. Spirits of Devils Ascendant in Earth’s Final Deception

Many Spiritualists, along with numerous other proponents of the occult, are today emphasizing the second of Satan’s original twin lies-“Ye shall be as gods,” along with the “Ye shall not surely die” (Genesis 3:4, 5). As before stated, both open and covert statements by Protestant clerics frequently stress the thought of the “god within,” the “divine in human nature.” This concept is coming more and more to the fore. But it is in direct antithesis to God’s latter-day call, “Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come” (Revelation 14:7). CFF2 1246.2

However, this divine directive falls as an idle tale upon those seeking self-glory and their own self-deification. Spiritualism proclaims the “personal transcendence of the undying spirit from its earthly bondage,” as it has been well phrased. Some have gone so far as boldly to declare, “I am none other than God”; others simply say, “I am like God.” While the deification of the dead has been held by most systems of heathenism, together with supposed communication with these dead, it is not limited to heathenism. It extends to the living, and that in modern times. CFF2 1246.3


In World War II Hitler allegedly referred to himself as God, and declared, “Man is becoming God.” He had turned to the occult, and succumbed to the subtle “spirit philosophy” of selfdeification. Becoming entangled in the meshes of captivity to evil spirits, he became the helpless prey of the powers of darkness, and in desperation summoned mediums and necromancers as counselors. Many of his confederates did the same. The results are well known. 1 CFF2 1247.1

Shaw Desmond says the same spirit consultation marked the tragedy of Mussolini and certain of his confreres who sensed that he was led by a demon. And back in World War I some of Kaiser Wilhelm’s generals habitually consulted the “spirits,” particularly in the tragic closing stages of the war. From these episodes it is apparent that the “spirits” are quite agreeable to the destruction of the human race whenever it is opportune. Thus it will be in the final war of Armageddon. CFF2 1247.2


But these occurrences of the past are but an earnest of the dread finale that will come to human history under the impulse of Satan’s last deception. Indeed, the sweep of the ages can be understood only in the light of Satan’s agelong rebellion against God and the gospel provision through Christ for the redemption of man and the eradication of sin. On the contrary, Spiritualism’s philosophy ever exalts man and condones sin, and denies the ultimate destruction of sin and sinners, demonic and human. CFF2 1247.3

The Bible indicates that in the last great conflict the “spirits of devils,” disguised as angels of light, will seek to deceive the world’s leaders in time’s last hour. According to Inspiration, all through the centuries “the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine upon them” (2 Corinthians 4:4). It has been well said that “brilliant minds without the light of the gospel of Christ become darkened minds, blinded by the god of this world.” That is the particular peril of today. CFF2 1247.4


Two unseen supernatural forces are unquestionably struggling for control of the minds and hearts of men today. These are Satan and his evil spirits, or fallen angels, and Christ and the Holy Spirit and the unfallen, or holy, angels. And it is ever to be remembered that good angels never operate through mediums and necromancers or under the darkness of the seance chamber. CFF2 1248.1

With such a background we can sense the fateful significance and eternal consequences of the intensifying cosmic war that impends, together with its fatal outcome. Two invisible forces are pitted against each other, and the prince of darkness has vast legions under his control—confederates in his unholy rebellion. Nevertheless, Christ will be the victor, and Satan and his hosts will be vanquished. Such is the assuring testimony of the Word. CFF2 1248.2

The sole hope of the world lies in the all-powerful Christ, who alone can redeem and hold the human heart in complete security. Unaided, man is not able to hold his own against these tremendous superhuman forces that confront the world. But we cannot ignore these demonic forces and pressures. Man must take shelter in the conquering power of Christ, His Word, and His promised Spirit. Only thus can he stand against the swirling tide destined to sweep the multitudes on to destruction in these latter times. CFF2 1248.3


This war affects every individual. There are no neutral zones, no unaffected areas. Satan is attempting to enthrone himself as the god of a rebel race. He is seeking to rally men around him by pressing anew the age-old dual lies of “no death” and “like god”—the human-deification apologue. The Innate Immortality philosophy is permeating practically all religions. It has been a common denominator in most Christian creeds. And, strange as it may seem, instead of the occult practices of necromancy disappearing in this age of enlightenment, they are, in refined forms, more aggressive now than at any time in history. There is, however, a noble company of stalwarts who have rejected the fallacy of Immortal Soulism, and all that goes with it. CFF2 1248.4