The Fruitage of Spiritual Gifts



MESSAGES from God need neither apology nor defense. Truth is best proved by practice. The purpose of this volume is to set forth the fruitage of the gift of prophecy and other spiritual endowments among Adventists. It is written for the future as much as for the present. Some pessimistic people claim that a later generation in our church will follow the same downward road that Israel took after they entered Canaan, as recorded in Judges 2:10, 11. We believe that, schooled in adversities, our church will, rather, fulfill Deuteronomy 1:39—that the children of less faithful parents would carry out the plans of the Lord. FSG 7.1

It is well understood today that Adventists believe they have the Spirit of prophecy; it is all too generally misunderstood what the messenger of the Lord taught and how this divine gift worked out in actual experience. The author writes as hundreds of other ministers or members might have written on what has been seen and heard. The facts of fruitage cannot be gainsaid. FSG 7.2

The Adventist Church has come into a new day—the greatest and most glorious in its history. A new group of doctors, ministers, teachers, and other leaders are taking over. We thank God for their loyalty and godliness. The messenger of the Lord, who lived much longer than many expected, has gone to her rest. But the gift of prophecy is with us as much as ever. Prophetic guidance is still a part of our divine heritage, and the future of the remnant church will largely depend on how our gospel workers study and follow the light of God in the days to come. A preacher who ceases to study the instructions from heaven is on the way to weakness, and the church that does so is on the way to disaster. FSG 7.3

On the trials and tests of the future, as well as on our present call and duties, the messenger of the Lord gives us precious instruction. The panorama of world events today and the evolution and. growth both within and without the advent movement constitute an incontrovertible testimony to the truthfulness and divine origin of the Spirit of prophecy messages. For they too are to be judged by their fruit. FSG 8.1

—The Author