The Conditionalist Faith of Our Fathers, vol. 1



Acknowledgment is here made to the many helpers of my pen without whose skills and aid this volume could never have been produced. I take particular pleasure in recording indebtedness to numerous national, State, university, seminary, college, public, and private libraries and archives in both the Old World and the New. CFF1 3.1

Special mention must be made of the Library of Congress and its matchless Union Catalog facilities, the New York Public Library, the Harvard University, Aurora College, and New England School of Theology libraries in the United States; and overseas of the British Museum and the universities of Oxford and Cambridge in Britain, together with the matchless F. W. Seats private library of Gloucester. Also, scores of less famous institutions in various lands have contributed priceless items to the sum total of rare materials now brought together in the Conditionalist Faith volumes. CFF1 3.2

The gracious cooperation of librarians on both sides of the Atlantic will never be forgotten—like that of Robert H. Haynes, of Harvard, and D. S. Porter, of Oxford—who rendered invaluable aid through making special materials and facilities available and for checking on items in my absence. CFF1 3.3

Thanks are similarly tendered to the distinguished group of more than sixty readers of this work while still in manuscript, and for their helpful suggestions. These include especially Dr. Aubrey R. Vine, secretary of the Free Church Council of Britain; Dr. Moses R. Crouse, of Aurora College; Dr. William G. C. Murdoch, dean of the Theological Seminary of Andrews University; and Robert L. Odom, editor of the magazine Israelite. Mention must also be made of specialists who served as readers of single chapters, as for example Prof. Dr. Oscar Cullmann, of Lausanne University and the Sorbonne, who with others checked on the chapter on the Dead Sea scrolls. CFF1 3.4

Gratitude is here expressed for the counsels of my guiding committee, of which Harry W. Lowe was the able secretary. Also to various members of the faculty of Andrews University, to Presidents Rittenhouse and Ham-mill, and Prof. Earle Hilgert, and particularly to Dean Murdoch, for his strong backing of this major research-writing project from the very first, and for moral support when the way was difficult. CFF1 3.5

Special obligation is here recorded for highly competent editing, verification, illustration, composition, and related processes that have brought this work to completion. I am under special obligation to Merwin R. Thur-ber, book editor for the publishers, to Mrs. Blanche Clymer for verification and copy editing, and to my former secretary, Mrs. Eunice Soper, for endless typing and stenciling of the manuscript in the process of development. CFF1 3.6

Lasting obligation is here registered for the munificent support of one of the chief friends of this enterprise—a professional man who wishes to remain anonymous, but without whose gracious help many features could not have been included that have enhanced the attractiveness and effectiveness of these volumes and made their strategic placement possible in key places around the globe. CFF1 4.1

Sincerest appreciation goes to my publishers, both the management—especially to C. E. Palmer and J. D. Snider—and their goodly group of printing artisans whose behind-the-scenes skills produced a mechanical excellence and format that have won high praise. CFF1 4.2

It is but fair to add that scores of individuals in Europe, Australia, North, South, and Inter-America served as lookouts, ever on the alert for elusive items, especially spotting contemporary Conditionalist statements of men who have broken with the traditional positions, whose important utterances are included in volume 2. CFF1 4.3

Basic to all else, tribute is here paid to my sponsors, the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, for authorizing and budgetary provisions, and especially to President R. R. Figuhr, without whose firm faith in this enterprise the project would never have seen the light of day. CFF1 4.4

As nothing gives greater satisfaction to an author than to acknowledge publicly his indebtedness to those who have made his research-writing possible, that pleasure is now mine. CFF1 4.5