SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 6 (EGW)


Chapter 4

9 (see EGW on ch. 2:4; Romans 12:2). Every Victory a Gem in the Crown of Life—The Christian is a spectacle to the world, to angels, and to men. Singular?—Yes; he has a most singular, peculiar character, because his life is worked out after the divine similitude. 6BC 1088.3

The inhabitants of unfallen worlds and of the heavenly universe are watching with an intense interest the conflict between good and evil. They rejoice as Satan's subtleties, one after another, are discerned and met with “It is written,” as Christ met them in His conflict with the wily foe. Every victory gained is a gem in the crown of life. In the day of victory all the universe of heaven triumphs. The harps of the angels send forth the most precious music, accompanying the melody of the voice (Letter 5, 1900). 6BC 1088.4