A Review of “Our Authorized Bible Vindicated,” by B. G. Wilkinson



Section I: A Survey of the General Features of the Volume1
   Violates Primal Laws of Evidence1
   Confuses Appreciation with Attack4
   Thrusts Odium Upon Users of A.R.V6
   Principles Governing the Translators7
   The Revival of a Century-Old Claim10
   The Argument Upon the “Itala”12
   Unfair and Untrustworthy Criticism17
   Misuse of Authorities21
   The Case of the Hexapla26
   Misquotation of Authorities28
   Conflict with the Spirit of Prophecy31
   Sister White’s Use of the Revised Version33
   Bible Society Translations Not Confined to A.V36
   A Strangely Related Discovery38
   An Epitome of the Findings of This Section40
Section II: On the Bible MSS in General43
   The Received Text49
   The Vaticanus Manuscript54
   Changes in the Authorized Version59
   MSS Available in 1611 and Now60
Section III: Review of the Scripture Texts Cited in Chapters Six, Eleven and Twelve63
   CHAPTER VI. “Comparisons to Show How the Jesuit Bible Reappears in the ARV”66
   CHAPTER XI “Blow After Blow Against The Truth”77
   CHAPTER XII “Blow after Blow in Favor of Rome”98
Summary on Scriptures Examined111
   General Summary119