The First Report of the General Conference of Christians Expecting the Advent of the Lord Jesus Christ


Extracts from various Church Creeds, and Remarks, communicated by Henry Jones


Article 37-Judgment. Finally, we believe, according to the word of God, When the time appointed by the Lord (which is unknown to all creatures.) is come, and the number of the elect complete, that our Lord Jesus Christ will come from heaven corporally and visibly as he ascended, with great glory and majesty. * * * Therefore we expect that great day with a most ardent desire, to the end that we may fully enjoy the promises of God in Christ Jesus, our Lord. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. Revelation 22:20.” 9 FRGC 14.6

If, indeed, as this church here publicly declare, they look for or “expect that great day” of Christ’s coming, etc., with a most ardent desire, then “fully” to “enjoy the promises of God,” surely they “are looking out for it at hand, rather than more ardently desiring its being a thousand years off.” FRGC 14.7