SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 5 (EGW)


Chapter 23

18-25. See EGW on Matthew 27:15-26. 5BC 1124.7

20-23. See EGW on Matthew 27:22, 23. 5BC 1124.8

23, 24. See EGW on Matthew 27:25, 26. 5BC 1124.9

26. See EGW on Matthew 27:32. 5BC 1124.10

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38. See EGW on Matthew 27:37. 5BC 1124.12

40-43. Salvation in the Last Hours of Life—Some among the redeemed will have laid hold of Christ in the last hours of life, and in heaven instruction will be given to these, who, when they died, did not understand perfectly the plan of salvation. Christ will lead the redeemed ones beside the river of life, and will open to them that which while on this earth they could not understand (Letter 203, 1905). 5BC 1124.13

42, 43. Dying Sinner Lays Hold on Dying Saviour—To the last of His work Christ is a sin-pardoner. At deepest midnight, as the Star of Bethlehem was about to sink into oblivion, lo there shines amid the moral darkness with distinct brightness the faith of a dying sinner as he lays hold upon a dying Saviour. 5BC 1124.14

Such faith may be represented by the eleventh hour laborers who receive as much reward as do those who have labored for many hours. The thief asked in faith, in penitence, in contrition. He asked in earnestness, as if he fully realized that Jesus could save him if He would. And the hope in his voice was mingled with anguish as he realized that if He did not, he would be lost, eternally lost. He cast his helpless, dying soul and body on Jesus Christ (Manuscript 52, 1897). 5BC 1125.1

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