SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 5 (EGW)


Chapter 19

12, 13. See EGW on Matthew 25:14, 15. 5BC 1122.7

41-44. Present Sins Fix Guilt—The generation that Jesus denounced was not responsible for the sins of their fathers, only so far as they followed their evil practices, and thus made themselves accountable for their course of hatred and revenge in persecuting the ancient messengers of God. It was the present mercies and warnings which that generation were rejecting that fastened upon them guilt which the blood of bulls and goats could not wash away. Proud, self-righteous, and independent, they had separated farther and farther from heaven until they had become willing subjects of Satan. The Jewish nation for centuries had been forging the fetters which that generation were irrevocably fastening upon themselves. (The Spirit of Prophecy 3:10, 11). 5BC 1122.8

42. See EGW on Matthew 23:37-39. 5BC 1122.9

44. See EGW on Matthew 24:2. 5BC 1122.10