SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 5 (EGW)


Chapter 3

2-4. See EGW on ch. 1:76, 77. 5BC 1119.4

7-9. See EGW on Matthew 3:7, 8. 5BC 1119.5

15, 16 (John 1:26, 27). No Worldly Aspirations—The people thought that John might be the promised Messiah. His life was so unselfish, marked with humility and self-denial. His teachings, exhortations, and reproofs, were fervent, sincere, and courageous. In his mission, he turned not to the right or to the left to court the favors or applause of any. He did not aspire to worldly honor or worldly dignity, but was humble in heart and life, and did not assume honors that did not belong to him. He assured his followers that he was not the Christ (The Spirit of Prophecy 2:57). 5BC 1119.6

21, 22. See EGW on Matthew 3:13-17; 4:1-11. 5BC 1119.7