Millennial Harp



How long, O Lord3
New Jerusalem. C. M4
Prayer of the Church6
Hymn for 18437
Heavenly Rest8
Human Frailty9
Eden of Love10
Desire to see Jesus12
The Great Physician13
Heavenly Home14
Joy in Hope15
The Crucifixion16
Godly sorrow arising from the sufferings of Christ17
Free Grace18
Pilgrim’s Farewell20
Expostulation. 11s22
“O turn ye, O turn ye, for why will ye die.”23
Jordan’s stormy Banks24
What sound is this26
Sons of Zion28
The Chariot29
Gospel Trumpet30
I would not live alway35
The Harvest Home36
Saint’s Sweet Home38
Star of Bethlehem40
The Christian and the Cross41
Lord! remember me42
Escape for thy life43
The Lord is our Shepherd45
“Lead me to the Rock.”46
My Brother I wish you well47
The God of Abraham48
Luther’s Hymn50
Wandering Pilgrims52
Lift your Heads54
Day of Judgment56
The Pilgrim’s Lot59
Don’t you see my Jesus coming62
Come to Jesus63
Blessing of the New Covenant64
I want to wear the crown66
The Morning Star68
The Alarm70