Millennial Harp



We ‘re trav’ling home to Heav’n above-Will you go? Will you go?
To sing the Savior’s dying love-Will you go? Will you go?
Millions have reach’d this blest abode,
Anointed kings and priests to God.
And millions now are on the road-Will you go? Will you go?
MILHA 60.1

We’re going to see the bleeding Lamb,—Will you go?
In rapturous strains to praise his name,—Will you go?
The crown of life we there shall wear,
The conqueror’s palms our hands shall bear,
And all the joys of heaven we’ll share,—Will you go?
MILHA 61.1

We’re going to join the Heavenly Choir,—Will you go?
To raise our voice and tune the lyre,—Will you go?
There saints and angels gladly sing,
Hosanna to their God and King,
And make the heavenly arches ring,—Will you go?
MILHA 61.2

Ye weary, heavy laden, come,—Will you go?
In the blest house there still is room,—Will you go?
The Lord is waiting to receive,
If thou wilt on him now believe,
He’ll give thy troubled conscience ease,—Come believe!
MILHA 61.3

The way to Heaven is free for all—Will you go?
For Jew and Gentile—great and small,—Will you go?
Make up your mind, give God your heart,
With every sin and idol part,
And now for glory, make a start,—Come away!
MILHA 61.4

The way to Heaven is strait and plain,—Will you go?
Repent, believe, be born again,—Will you go?
The Savior cries aloud to thee,
“Take up thy cross and follow me,“
And thou shalt my salvation see,—Come to me!
MILHA 61.5

O, could I hear some sinner say,—I will go?
I’ll start this moment, clear the way,—Let me go!
My old companions, fare you well,
I will not go with you to hell,
I mean with Jesus Christ to dwell,—Let me go! Fare you well.
MILHA 61.6