Millennial Harp


Escape for thy life

See Sodom wrapt in fire!
And hark, what piercing shrieks!
Those daring rebels now expire,
For God in justice speaks.
MILHA 43.1

O sinner, mark thy fate!
Soon will the Judge appear;
And then thy cries will come too late;
Too late for God to hear.
MILHA 43.2

Thy day of mercy gone,
The Spirit grieved away,
Thy cup, long filling, now o’erflown,
Demands the vengeful day.
MILHA 43.3

Thy God, insulted, seems
To draw his glittering sword;
And o’er thy guilty head it gleams,
To vindicate his word.
MILHA 43.4

One only hope I see;
Oh, sinner, seize it now,—
The blood that Jesus shed for thee!
No other hope hast thou.
MILHA 43.5

See “Millennial Musings”—page 127, hymn 114.