Millennial Harp


Gospel Trumpet

[Page 30 has a score with the first verse, which is also listed on next page. See page 31.]

Hark, how the gospel trumpet sounds,
Through all the world the echo bounds,
And Jesus, with redeeming blood
Is bringing sinners home to God,
And guides them safely by his word
To endless day.
MILHA 31.1

Hail, all victorious conquering Lord,
By all the heavenly hosts adored;
Who undertook for fallen man,
And brought salvation through thy name,
That we with thee might live and reign
In endless day.
MILHA 31.2

Fight on ye conquering saints, fight on,
And when the conquest you have won,
Then palms of victory you shall bear,
And in his kingdom have a share,
And crowns of glory you shall wear,
In endless day.
MILHA 31.3

Thy blood, dear Jesus, once was spilt,
To save our souls from sin and guilt;
And sinners now may come to God,
And find salvation through his word,
And sail by faith upon that flood
To endless day.
MILHA 31.4

There we shall in sweet chorus join,
And saints and angels all combine,
To sing of his redeeming love,
When rolling years shall cease to move;
And that shall be the theme above,
In endless day.
MILHA 31.5