Millennial Harp


“O turn ye, O turn ye, for why will ye die.”

O turn ye, O turn ye, for why will you die,
When God in great mercy is coming so nigh?
Now Jesus invites you, the Spirit says, Come,
And angels are waiting to welcome you home.
MILHA 23.1

How vain the delusion, that while you delay,
Your hearts may grow better by staying away;
Come wretched, come starving, come just as you be
While streams of salvation are flowing so free.
MILHA 23.2

And now Christ is ready your souls to receive,
O how can you question, if you will believe?
If sin is your burden, why will you not come?
Tis you he bids welcome; he bids you come home.
MILHA 23.3

In riches, in pleasures, what can you obtain,
To soothe your affliction, or banish your pain?
To bear up your spirit when summon’d to die,
Or waft you to mansions of glory on high?
MILHA 23.4

Why will you be starving and feeding on air?
There’s mercy in Jesus, enough and to spare;
If still you are doubting, make trial and see,
And prove that his mercy is boundless and free.
MILHA 23.5

Come, give us your hand, and the Savior your heart,
And trusting in Heaven, we never shall part;
O how can we leave you? why will you not come;
We’ll journey together, and soon be at home.
See hymn on page 30, “Millennial Musings.”
MILHA 23.6